Varetta Heidelberg

Music has been described as the language that transcends all barriers. It is not at all surprising that Varetta Heidelberg has emerged with a vital and compelling message through melodies of compassion that inspire, comfort and bring hope, as well as enjoyment. Not at all concerned with the boundaries of style, she speaks many different musical languages from classical to jazz.

Varetta received her bachelor's degree from Jackson State University and a certificate of completion from the Dick Grove School of Music. She received numerous honors including "Most Outstanding Instrumentalist" at the Estes Park Christian Artist Seminars and the title of "Miss Black America." She is an accomplished songstress and musician, but is not limited to that realm. Her aspiration to touch lives leads her into diverse setting such as prisons, jails and juvenile facilities, as well as churches and concert halls throughout the United States and abroad. Her gifts are an expression of God's gracious love and are portrayed in a ministry of excellence.

Varetta is recognized for her soothing melodies that create an ambiance of peace. Her arrangements bring new life and flavor to traditional songs, and her originals give evidence of her abilities as composer as well as performer. She has to her credit four recording projects, "Give Him Praise, Melodies of Christmas, Holy and her latest, Light in the Midst of Darkness," produced by Justo Almario.

Varetta is also the founder/executive director of Instruments of Praise (IOP), a multicultural nonprofit performing arts organization. IOP was founded in 1990 with a mission to make "life investments" into the next generation of young emerging artists through programs designed to mentor as well as instruct. Although the curriculum is designed to assist students with both their technical knowledge and artistic skills, the main endeavor is to create within them the desire to go beyond their boundaries and use the arts as a means to affect not only their lives, but to touch the lives of others. Several Instruments of Praise alumni vocal and instrumental students are also featured on Light in the Midst of Darkness.

Varetta lives in Southern California with her husband, Levi and their two children, Ayanna and Jarren.

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